8 November 2010

Hello.  The week has been strange.  At times, I feel overwhelmed. So many questions, everyday. I've always been one to just settle with what I had and make do with it all. Here, I don't have any of the things I'm used to. I can't communicate very well with anyone, and it is...just different beyond words. I struggle day in and day out to stay focused on the task at hand. I worry myself to sleep every night wondering if I am really doing this the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons. I still have my doubts, but I'm here, trying to do the best I can with what I have. My greatest worries come though, as I think of Scott, Jeff and Erik and the example they deserve. A lot of the time, they are the motivation that gets me out of bed. I want them to know so badly the things that I know now. The priorities that they should have, but I know it will come. I'm just rambling now. 
A story. Yesterday, I had an experience that made me think of every time people have tried to change my mind about Joseph Smith. Two days ago I tracted into a guy that yelled at me until I was out of earshot that Joseph Smith was an anti-Christ. That hurts to hear considering what he went through for his beliefs. Even if you don't believe what we do, in no way did Joseph Smith tear anyone else down like they did him. They took his very life because he couldn't deny what he believed. Sorry for getting sidetracked. This experience was with a lady named Claudia. Her son, Claudio, is a member. He was baptized a few years ago and has had a rough time staying active and everything else, but one day at church he came up and said that his family want to take the discussions again. So we set up a time and went and met his mom. She has investigated the church prior to this but never really found what she was looking for. But, yesterday. Yesterday was a great experience for, I believe, both of us. It was short but, never before have I seen someone as stern in her beliefs against Joseph Smith change as we watched the video of the Restoration. 

As it ended, she said, "It's so much different to see it. You can feel it." She added, "When we talk about it, it's like...phh yeah, but when you see it, it's real." It's no more true than that. I invite anyone that has a question about Joseph Smith to contact a member of the church and ask for the video and as you watch, try to feel it. We might seem crazy, but we know it's real.

I miss you all and pray for my little community in Crane every time I can. It has left it's mark and raised me right. Be proud. 
Elder Davies