15 September 2011

Let's see, this week has been pretty average. We truly are in one of the longest down spans in the mission. We don't have anyone with a baptismal date, no one that is progressing, but we are making edifying changes. I know it. I know things are going to turn around. The ward is just pretty comfortable. No one has a lot of desire to step outside of their happy lil' lives and share a little of the blessings they have enjoyed. It is helping me tremendously in seeing how we, as members have an obligation to share what we have. A very specific call to open our mouths, and it helps me see the necessity that the church has as well. It is immense. It is necessary. Open your mouths!! You have more power in your testimony than you think.

Things with the comp are golden. He is a super good kid. We have a good time, too so it keeps the stress from having much of an impact. The mission is such a great learning time. Progression. Understanding. Developing. I don't know how to explain it exactly. Some days, I take a look back and I don't see the results I had hoped for, the strides I have expected in the area, whatever it is...I don't see it. But, I can't deny how much I, personally, have grown in every day. Something new is understood. Another desire changes with the perspective. I love it. I love the people. I don't have more to say than that. I love you all.

Know I am doing great. That I am the same me, only better. I hope and pray all is well.

Elder Davies

Scripture: Alma 29:9

5 September 2011

Hey everyone,

We got transfer calls this week...I'm staying here! So, there isn't anything big to report on that. I'm staying with E' Lee. I'm excited for the challenges ahead. We continue to work more with the members and are seeing a difference that is pretty impressive. We contact and are developing relationships with some people that I can't believe I almost missed the chance to get to know. There really are good people down here. They take a little while to grow on you, but once they do, you can't help but love every last one of them haha. They are good people. This ward is interesting. I have a good feeling about this coming change.

Need...dangit. I had some things I would like to have, but I can't say that they are needs. I can't remember now what they are, anyways.

It is a relief to hear all is well back home. I worry a little bit at times.  I don't know what else to say. I've been sitting here a while trying to figure it out.

Here are some pics.

Love you,
Elder Davies