8 August 2010

Second Letter from the Argentina MTC

Hey Mom, Dad and everyone else,

I got the bag. No worries. We can only take photos every 3 weeks but, soon enough. i´m losing track of time constantly, losing a sense of the English language, and honestly understanding, finally what it feels like to get lost in studies. i´m really enjoying myself here and learning so fast. i can understand most of the Latino elders here as they rapidly speak their language. it´s a challenge but each Saturday we actually get dropped off in the city to walk around and try to contact people. the day after tomorrow i will get a true missionary experience. it´s a very unique program but one that they have found to be very successful. they really have not been many experiences that stand out exceptionally but that is difficult to find when every day a conversion is seen, in my companion, in other elders, in myself. i´m understanding the peace and happiness that can be felt when someone takes responsibility for their self and grows internally. it is amazing to me how this many 19 year old boys can live together and keep their rooms spotless, their language clean, their hair cut, their laundry done, on time to every meeting, up at 6:30 everyday and still start lessons, study personally and everything else with minimal to no supervision. we still have a lot to learn but the group is growing in spirit and mind immensely. it´s an exceptional experience and one that i am taking in fully. i do miss my family and friends very much and want them to know how much they mean to  me but i assure you that this work is the work that the lord wants me to do at this time. Jeff, Scott and Erik...you guys are the most spectacular young men i know. i love you and be the best you can be. mom, i´m beyond ecstatic to hear you are doing well. i´ve been eager to get on the computer to see the result this entire week. i hope you recover quickly. tell mark, thank you. that means a lot to me. i haven´t spent a dime but i greatly appreciate that. i wish that i could have accomplished more. tell Chiara we were told to lock our hearts. whoever was in stays. whoever is not doesn´t get in so...yeah. Mom you´re the only one in there so don´t worry haha jk. much love.

Elder Davies

5 August 2010

First Letter from the Argentina MTC

Hey everyone,

I made it. 24 hrs of travel, minimal food and bathroom breaks but i made it! Already, I am noticing lifestyle differences that are very obvious. Among them are the ridiculous amounts of food that I, as a US citizen, can engorge myself with. We recieved two meals on the flight. One of which was a small portion of some chicken pasta for dinner. The second, a crousant for breakfast. The roll was all that was given haha. But the people are helpful and friendly enough. My bag did not greet me at the end of the journey but hopefully it will be sorted out tomorrow. I am next in line to be interviewed by the mission president so wish me luck!

Much love,
Elder Davies...cubed.

my P-Day is Thursday so you´ll hear from me every one of them