5 July 2011

Sounds like a lot of fun.

I just have some pics. We have been working hard with this family and it is finally paying off. We had stake conference this week, another leadership conference on Thursday, my 6th...still not a leader. ;) But, I definitely agree with the Pres, I've got a lot of work to do. I don't have a lot to say either. Just passing through the weeks, putting in my best effort in every little thing I can. We are still struggling in this area at finding people. Not a lot is happening.

I waxed my chest this morning....nobody else would but an Elder from Argentina bought the stuff. I couldn't let it go to waste. It hurt. It still does. Don't do it. Well, that was my 4th of July celebration. I made invitations and was going to buy meat for a barbeque that my house was putting on for the zone but the Pres wouldn't let us. So now...I am going to buy stuff and sing patriotic songs alone. Or maybe I'll be rebellious and go watch Uruguay play their first game of "La Copa America" which the US never qualifies for. I think I'll do that. I wanna celebrate somehow, I just wanted to cook some meat for the guys...I'm hurt haha.

I love you all. Talk to you later.

Here are some pics:

We were bored and our DL had balloons for his birthday.
by the way he went to...north fremont high school.

Baptism 1, 2 and the reactivated family as well as the food pics are with the fam we have been working with. the Suarez's.

The others are just of us screwing around..... I know.