9 October 2011

This week was a pretty special one. I had an experience that I wanted to share with everyone. Me and my companion have been making a lot of changes in ourselves, as well as in the work. We love each other, and we have a lot of fun. Our work has been increasingly more productive. This last week we visited an old folks home. I had the chance to visit with a lady named Milka. Let me set up the situation a little better.

We received a referral from a member of a lady who owns this home. His mom is there with a pretty serious case of Alzheimer's. We have had a hard time contacted the lady so we decided just to go this day and accompany them a little bit knowing how good I felt after our youth group visited the home in Burns. As we walked in, they all smiled at us and received us so warmly. I sat next to a few young ladies...hah, that's how I greeted them anyways. They warmly welcomed me into the circle and we got along smashingly. Milka was the lady who really opened up, the others sort of zoned out into their happy places. Milka and I chatted for an hour about her family, my family, the church, her daughter who is a member in Montevideo, her other daughter who goes everyday to bathe, feed, and talk to her, and other varying topics. One topic that, oddly enough in this country, kept coming up was, marriage. She asked me at least 15 times if I was going to get married. That is another topic. I was worried maybe that we were wasting time, but I felt so content with my company that we endured a little more. Right as we were getting ready to take off her daughter came in and we had a little conversation with her. She told us that she loves the Liahona and reads each issues that comes to her sister in Montevideo. We asked if we could visit and she said that we would never find her. That she always works and it would never work out. I was pretty heart broken, but as we left she said, " Pero eso no quiere decir que en un tiempo no serè Mormòn." "That doesn't mean that I won't be a  Mormon someday." I hate those little leads that are so hard to pick up they are almost not worth it. But, I learned a lot from the experience. The Lord blesses us when we are diligent, persistent. I love the blessings that come so flowingly from the work when it is done correctly. I love the work.

That story definitely sounded a lot better in my journal, whatever.
Everything is going great. I'm going to write Dad next week. ´Til soon.

Elder Davies