24 January 2012

Everything is great down here. We had to wait until today to write because the fonds got low and we couldn't make two trips over this week. We had another baptism on Sunday. The daughter of a family we have been working to help get married decided to get baptized now. The mom is unreal, she comes to ALL the activities, even the classes we do on temple work and family history. 

Her name is Elena and soon her name will show up on the new convert list. I'm still constantly amazed at the amount of trust and love these people have for the missionaries. They leave us in charge of everything. Sunday, I taught Sunday school, Priesthood combined with Relief Society and I taught that, and I talked in Sacrament Meeting, and directed the baptism. I teach the classes on instructions for the temple and family history, and I direct the branch family night. I am loving every second of it because I know these experiences are going to benefit me for the rest of my life but it is hard for a branch to grow and develop if they expect it all from the missionaries. I am losing myself every day a little more in this. I know it is where my Father has put me because he expects something to come of it. I love you all and am working my hardest for each one of you.

Elder Davies 

16 January 2012

Everything is TOP NOTCH. We are working hard. Elder Paredes is a

humble, plump, baby faced kid from Ecuador. A picture says a thousand
words but...I don't have a camera and I can't draw very well. We are
working hard. He begs me to give him breaks everyday. I am pretty
soft, but I think he understands that we are expected to do all we can
every minute of the day and that we will only be relieved from the
difficulties if we give every. last. ounce of strength we have. We are
learning together. I will get you some pics this coming week. He is at
the doctor doing his entrance into Guay checkup so I am with another
trainer in the bus terminal and I have no way to send you one or I
would. I wanted you all to know that I love you. Keep working hard and
living worthy. CHAUUUUSKEEEEZ!!!

Elder Davies

9 January 2012

It has been such a ride the last few weeks. I don't know where to start. We are going on our 8th week straight with a baptismal service. I put a New Years Resolution to not let another week pass slip by without using every possible mean to help someone make that sacred covenant with God. It really is the purpose we are here. Wes was right. Without it done correctly, we can't be saved. It's simple. God will judge each of us based on the desires of the heart of each individual, but if we or you or I have the chance to make one step more to bring ourselves closer to him and we deny him, there isn't much he can do. I want EVERYONE to have the chance at the blessings and love I have seen in my life, and you all can have it. just come down to 'Guay for a couple of years and invite everyone you see to be baptized. It's fantastic. 

The big news...I will be training. AGAIN!!! I feel so blessed for the opportunity, but a little stressed. I hope to do a little better the second time around haha. I only have control of myself, but he will have a hard time breaking any rule with this guy as his papa. I am going to work his little turkey butt off. Just like my daddy taught me. 

I also wanted to let you know that miracles happen. This last sunday, I found myself 1 peso short of what I was hoping to pay in my fast offerings. I was distraught. I searched everywhere for one...little....peso and did not find anything. I assure you that I put in my greatest effort. I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it. I prayed in my heart, aware of the childishness of my worry. Knowing that God would accept whatever amount I gave him...but I wanted to reach that certain amount. I was a little down so I prayed. We hadn't planned our day quite yet, so my comp called me out of my depression to kneel and pray for our planning session. I kid you not and I will defend it to the end that i had checked every pocket and crevice of my clothing for that peso, regardless, as I knelt to pray, I almost cried for joy as I felt the peso in my pocket. HAHA I know how ridiculous that might sound. I know how miniscule that miracle might have been. And, yes, I know how silly it must appear to all of you back home reading this. But, I also know that our Heavenly Father HEARS US. He loves us. He worries about us. AND, he wants to see us smile. I promise you all those things. And, I love you all beyond measure. I understand that that peso could very easily be the result of a careless search or a casual missed touch to realize it's placement in my pocket, but the joy and fulness I felt when I found it is undeniable. I know it was a little reminder from God that he has me in mind. I know each of you are the same for him. I know you are the same for me. Stay classy. 

Elder Davies

2 January 2012

We were forced to take desperate actions today because our cyber was closed for cleaning when we got to it. We are at a terrible little establishment with computers that...struggle to say the least, and I had a lot of things from the office to download, print off and format, and everything else so...basically I am out of time. I did want to write and tell you all how much I have thought about you the last couple of days. I miss you. I am working hard so that when I get home I have a little more to offer each of you than when I left.  Luckily I have such magnificent people to go home to so that everything will be easy to understand and adapt to.  I love you guys.  I'm praying for you all. Always. 

Have the GREATEST YEAR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Much love, 
Elder Davies

12 December 2011

We had another great week with more miracles. We were looking through all the recent baptisms we have had and trying to track our success so we could know where to turn now when we realized that...we haven't been doing anything spectacular. We have just been obedient to every rule, and we constantly search for more ways to be more obedient. The people who have become such miracles in our lives are people who the Lord has touched and prepared to receive the gospel. Each one of the people has recieved the missionaries before. Each one has also had an experience, or manifestation in the last few days and weeks that they needed something more and there we were. I can't act like, nor in any way transmit that the success I have seen in my own life, in the life of others and in the Branch has anything to do with what I have done by my own ingenuity or ability. We have simply complied. The Lord blesses his children when they obey his commandments and the biggest blessing that exists is to help bring to pass his work. I am blessed. 

Let everyone know I miss them and I love them. i wish I could write more often but...30 minutes goes by quick...gotta go.

Much love,
Elder Davies

9 October 2011

This week was a pretty special one. I had an experience that I wanted to share with everyone. Me and my companion have been making a lot of changes in ourselves, as well as in the work. We love each other, and we have a lot of fun. Our work has been increasingly more productive. This last week we visited an old folks home. I had the chance to visit with a lady named Milka. Let me set up the situation a little better.

We received a referral from a member of a lady who owns this home. His mom is there with a pretty serious case of Alzheimer's. We have had a hard time contacted the lady so we decided just to go this day and accompany them a little bit knowing how good I felt after our youth group visited the home in Burns. As we walked in, they all smiled at us and received us so warmly. I sat next to a few young ladies...hah, that's how I greeted them anyways. They warmly welcomed me into the circle and we got along smashingly. Milka was the lady who really opened up, the others sort of zoned out into their happy places. Milka and I chatted for an hour about her family, my family, the church, her daughter who is a member in Montevideo, her other daughter who goes everyday to bathe, feed, and talk to her, and other varying topics. One topic that, oddly enough in this country, kept coming up was, marriage. She asked me at least 15 times if I was going to get married. That is another topic. I was worried maybe that we were wasting time, but I felt so content with my company that we endured a little more. Right as we were getting ready to take off her daughter came in and we had a little conversation with her. She told us that she loves the Liahona and reads each issues that comes to her sister in Montevideo. We asked if we could visit and she said that we would never find her. That she always works and it would never work out. I was pretty heart broken, but as we left she said, " Pero eso no quiere decir que en un tiempo no serè Mormòn." "That doesn't mean that I won't be a  Mormon someday." I hate those little leads that are so hard to pick up they are almost not worth it. But, I learned a lot from the experience. The Lord blesses us when we are diligent, persistent. I love the blessings that come so flowingly from the work when it is done correctly. I love the work.

That story definitely sounded a lot better in my journal, whatever.
Everything is going great. I'm going to write Dad next week. ´Til soon.

Elder Davies

15 September 2011

Let's see, this week has been pretty average. We truly are in one of the longest down spans in the mission. We don't have anyone with a baptismal date, no one that is progressing, but we are making edifying changes. I know it. I know things are going to turn around. The ward is just pretty comfortable. No one has a lot of desire to step outside of their happy lil' lives and share a little of the blessings they have enjoyed. It is helping me tremendously in seeing how we, as members have an obligation to share what we have. A very specific call to open our mouths, and it helps me see the necessity that the church has as well. It is immense. It is necessary. Open your mouths!! You have more power in your testimony than you think.

Things with the comp are golden. He is a super good kid. We have a good time, too so it keeps the stress from having much of an impact. The mission is such a great learning time. Progression. Understanding. Developing. I don't know how to explain it exactly. Some days, I take a look back and I don't see the results I had hoped for, the strides I have expected in the area, whatever it is...I don't see it. But, I can't deny how much I, personally, have grown in every day. Something new is understood. Another desire changes with the perspective. I love it. I love the people. I don't have more to say than that. I love you all.

Know I am doing great. That I am the same me, only better. I hope and pray all is well.

Elder Davies

Scripture: Alma 29:9

5 September 2011

Hey everyone,

We got transfer calls this week...I'm staying here! So, there isn't anything big to report on that. I'm staying with E' Lee. I'm excited for the challenges ahead. We continue to work more with the members and are seeing a difference that is pretty impressive. We contact and are developing relationships with some people that I can't believe I almost missed the chance to get to know. There really are good people down here. They take a little while to grow on you, but once they do, you can't help but love every last one of them haha. They are good people. This ward is interesting. I have a good feeling about this coming change.

Need...dangit. I had some things I would like to have, but I can't say that they are needs. I can't remember now what they are, anyways.

It is a relief to hear all is well back home. I worry a little bit at times.  I don't know what else to say. I've been sitting here a while trying to figure it out.

Here are some pics.

Love you,
Elder Davies

30 August 2011


It has been a great week. The mission is making a lot of changes that are sending us to another level of success. We are spending the majority of our time visiting members and verifying with them about their friends and investigators. It is making things a lot faster and more efficient. I'm really impressed with the difference. The ward is more excited. They give us more support and show a new attitude towards us. It has made everything go so fast. This month was here and gone before I could realize it.

Short time today. Not much going on.

Love you all.
Elder Davies

28 August 2011

I'm sorry there are days I don't write much. It's just...I feel like my words get pretty redundant. The days are all filled with a new chance to grow, something new to learn, a new experience that can change a guys view on life. I appreciate each one, but sometimes the weeks come and go without a significant event. At least, maybe not one I can share in a way to help everyone understand the significance for me. Sometimes they are significant, and not to be selfish...but, just for me. I want to share it all, send my thoughts home in a cardboard box, but it's not possible. At least, I don't think it is.

This week has been a little unreal. One of our Zone Leaders got pneumonia. They are in my district, and had a baptism this week. So, my comp had to go and chill in the hospital for 3 days with the sick one while we ditched our area and worked for them. It was the longest week of my life and they drained my emergency funds making us go to Montevideo 6 times. It was stressful, but I was like...secretary to the Zone Leaders for a week.

!!Ando Volando!! I had someone tell me I looked like a movie star, and another tell me that I was just another Uruguayo for my accent. I felt big. Then I woke up ;) Nah, it was an interesting week. I feel like I got to see another side of the Mission. I got to get a little bit of a wake up check and realize that we aren't super human. Everyone tells us their super missionary stories of when, extreme danger fell all around them and they walked away shaking their ties with a little swag, as the building collapsed behind. I started to believe we were indestructible. But, I realized it's not true. I haven't seen it. I've seen miracles, I see them everyday in the lives of many people. I do interviews now, so I see it even more often. I love this gospel. This church. The Savior. Life. The future I see building around me. It is on my mind. Bu, it is NOT a distraction. I just love you guys and can't wait to see you all, but all in it's due time. I love hearing all that everyone is doing. I try to imagine myself there. Seeing it. I send my best wishes as always to all. And my love. I wanted to send a special shout out to Blake. I am so stoked for him. I am ecstatic. I love him. He is doing the right thing. I have a letter on the way that says so. That's as good as scripture ;). Love,

Elder Davies

P.S. Tell Donald that I better see him in church when I get home. I would love to see that.