31 May 2011

Memorial Weekend

Thank you for the update, mom. Sounds like everything is going great. Everything is...trying to workout ok here, here. We are working a lot in many ways that I have never had to do yet. We visit less actives, members, anything we can get our hands on with the hope that a baptism will come out of somewhere. It definitely isn't a neighborhood for the traditional missionary work. We have had to be creative, I don't want to use the word but maybe we come across as a little...desperate to the members. JK. It's not to that extreme but we are working hard in a different way. I am tired because I didn't fully appreciate the warnings from others as they told me that an oro doesn't do much...I appreciate it now. He is an excellent Elder. But it seems that I have forgotten how long it took me to develop the desire that I have now, and all the times I had to trip and get lifted up by someone else. I guess your whole life is kinda like that, huh...you learn something, and the things you passed to overcome it only stick so long, and then you see someone doing the same and you look down on them for how they handle it instead of lifting them up a little bit. Maybe that is just me. Maybe I'm just horrible haha. I love him though. He has grown on me. Here are a couple of pics. Love you guys.

Elder Davies

28 May 2011

Tell Erik Happy Birthday for me. And that I love him. I'm working on the letter. Yes, the little package you sent got here. Thank you. I'll be sending your letter in the box tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing great. The work here is pretty killer and even worse because my oro, greenie, whatever is testing all his limits and I don't know what to do because the other Argentino in the house has more time in the mish than I and is a really different example....I don't know how to say it nice...he's a distraction. It has gotten hard. We can't see the blessings without doing our part and at this point...we aren't doing it. I am trying...probably not as well as I should but I am trying. 

The conference with the leaders was outstanding. I am learning a lot about myself and more about the works of God in the earth. I get to see people receive obvious signs and elect to ignore them and it hurts. I fall in love with the people and when they fall it brings me down, but as the scriptures say if we aren't complying with God he can't bless us. I hope my comp learns. I hope I learn a little more. I always try to look inward to see what is wrong first and doing that makes it much easier to realize the trials from the lessons...every trial is a lesson. Life is short. Time doesn't really take a break for anyone. Enjoy every second you have but make sure the enjoyment is real. The time is flying for me. It isn't really fair for all those I hear from that have passed through and say it seems like forever because it feels like yesterday for me. I love you guys and I am working my hardest to become the best I can for you all. I promise I'll come home the same...only better ;) I love you all.

Elder Davies

16 May 2011


This has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Me and my comp baptized a guy of about 30. My comp did the honor and he did it swimmingly. I've got a pic to send in a sec. Thank you, mom.  I don't know really what you can send me, they sell everything I need here. Thank you.

More than anything I just need to get gloves, some sweaters and other small stuff like a hat, new backpack, sunglasses, skater shoes, a motorcycle. you know?  hahaha

Just keep fighting on. We are. The house isn't the best influence but our district leader and I have become pretty good friends and he has taken a pretty good stand. We are gonna get a little better it is just that our comps are both Argentinos and...yeah. They are just a little distracted all the time. I got invited to the leadership conference again this Thursday so are comps are going to be working together all day...we'll see. I just hope they try to stay out of jail haha. jk. They are good guys.

I love you all. Stay safe. Keep working hard and give all you have to what you know is right and...that's all He asks.

Elder Davies

9 May 2011

This week has been a huge learning week. Just like the entire change. My comp, Elder Avalos from Chile, is a great missionary. When he came, he had baptized for 8 weeks straight without missing. We had planned to continue that when he showed up. We missed one week but followed up with 4 straight. Then we missed the last 2.

The potentials for those two days are so ready...one just felt pressured by a member. He had to quit smoking and he did it!! But this member was pretty forward and he opted out until he decided. This means it's probably a lack of something more. I know he is going to make it. He is 20 and after all he has been through it is the blessing that could make his life more of an opportunity than a suffering.

After him, we had a gentleman, hah, Ramon who is ready. He is 50-60 yrs old, I'm not sure, and has opened up in a way that I have never seen before. He loves us! He couldn't come to church the planned week of his baptism because there was basically a small tropical storm and he is super sick already so...we had to put it off but someday. Unfortunately, I won't get to see it because we got transfers today...

I'm going to a new area...TRAINING! That means we are white-washing an area. Two are leaving and two are replacing them...those two replacing them are me and my greenie. And...the area I am going to is one of the hardest. Nice. But, just as Carlos in these last few days, helping him see life as a blessing more than a trial, has helped me see trials as opportunities.

I'm praying for you, Mom and Dad. God won't give you anything you can't do.

Love you,
Elder Davies

Oh, my new area is Las Piedras, it's a little north of Montevideo. Basically connected.