12 December 2011

We had another great week with more miracles. We were looking through all the recent baptisms we have had and trying to track our success so we could know where to turn now when we realized that...we haven't been doing anything spectacular. We have just been obedient to every rule, and we constantly search for more ways to be more obedient. The people who have become such miracles in our lives are people who the Lord has touched and prepared to receive the gospel. Each one of the people has recieved the missionaries before. Each one has also had an experience, or manifestation in the last few days and weeks that they needed something more and there we were. I can't act like, nor in any way transmit that the success I have seen in my own life, in the life of others and in the Branch has anything to do with what I have done by my own ingenuity or ability. We have simply complied. The Lord blesses his children when they obey his commandments and the biggest blessing that exists is to help bring to pass his work. I am blessed. 

Let everyone know I miss them and I love them. i wish I could write more often but...30 minutes goes by quick...gotta go.

Much love,
Elder Davies