1 December 2010

Stuff was a mixed up this week, haha. ¡Tranquila Mama Gonzo!

I don't have much time to write again because we have an FHE tonight with the Balbi family but, I think I told you last week that I was invited to go to the Leaders' Conference this Monday. I have been kind of stressing that a little bit because I'm still learning a lot. I don't feel like I am sufficient in a lot of ways, to fulfill more than I have right now but, one thing that I have learned through all this is that despite what we think we can or can`t do, we've got all the support we need...in a power greater than the world. Philippians 4:13.

We had a pretty unreal week though. A lot of miracles, answers to prayers, progression, growth and just little things that show the power of the Lord in his unique way.

We found a young girl...13 years old, who is progressing rapidly. She has a date to get baptized, has attended mutual and a youth dance, church... the works, really. The story behind us finding her is pretty unique. Her mother came to us worried sick for her. Before I had even seen her I kind of stereotyped her after talking to her mom. She told us her daughter needed help in a way that made me not want to meet her at all haha, but as we went to help this mother out, we found a girl who is very intelligent and open. The "problem" is that her mom believes she is negative. She's 13, if negativity is her only problem...? Nevertheless, she has been more of a blessing to us than I think we have to her, even though she glows now. The young women love her and everything fits. Her name is Lucia.

Also, I have been studying a lot in the Book of Mormon, lately. I feel so blessed to have a choice between the Bible and the Book of Mormon because, it is all the same teachings in a way that is much more...understandable. It seems a lot more applicable at times and I find that things fit so perfectly with what I have read in the Bible. Anyways, little tangent, I was reading in Jacob 2-5...and nothing has caught my attention like these Chapters. They talk about the importance of loving your wives and how the Lamanites (Ancestors of South Americans) will be blessed above their brethren the Nephites (the opposing Ancestors who were destroyed because of iniquity) because of the love they have shown in families. 

Chiara, in a spectacular way, expressed the importance of parents in a letter she sent. These chapters also cover this importance, as well as the necessity to record our works for the benefit of our children. Chiara wrote in her own special way that because of the influence parents have on their children, they are wholly responsible for the success that their children have. I believe, along with this that the example they show in their love for one another is essential as well, in guiding them. It was just interesting for me to see that my studies were guiding to things so pertinent to the people we were helping as well. Because we are also teaching the mother of a 19 yr old member who is preparing to serve a mission, and I can see the love and respect that he has for everyone, and I can see the decisions he is making compared to some of his buddies, and after meeting his mom, I know where his path in a better life started. 

With that, I have to go but I want to let my mom and dad know how much I love them.

Til next week.
Stay classy Oregon,

GO DUCKS #1! but I don't know that.

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