22 February 2011


I got a package from Sarah Powell and family. Thank you. The chocolate was all melted but I freaking ran a train on it anyways. Thanks for all the love you send every week. Every one is always jealous of me, but it is holy envy.

This week was pretty outstanding. We had 3 baptisms. One was a guy named Martin who actually got married the morning before his baptism in the evening. I know...a little rushed but marriage here isn't much of an issue. They go, sign a paper, kiss if they feel like it and thats that. The other two are a son and daughter of a lady the other Elders found who is inactive. Hopefully her husband is next. This ward is struggling but I feel like it is going to get better. We've been talking a lot with the Bishop and he tells us that a lot in the leadership is going to be changing.  No calling was meant to be easy. That is why we get them, to get better. Nobody got stronger paddling downstream.. Mom and Dad, You are both the best examples I have in this life. Don't let me down. ;)  Tell those brothers hello from me and I love them.

Love you guys,
Elder Davies

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