18 September 2010

Fifth Letter from the Argentina MTC

A lot has happened that I have been excited to write about but it's been busy.  The weeks have been drawing on.  The days are slow, but the weeks fly by. Maybe that contradicted the previous sentence, but it's true.  Saturdays are the diamond in the rough.  Every time we go out, I grow.  I step a little farther, grow a little taller, see a little deeper into the desires of our Heavenly Father.  I wanted to share one experience and then address written concerns.

First, as I said, Saturdays are excellent.  My companion and I had rough beginnings, but have improved as my reliance on him has grown.  He's a nervous person, but we go together perfectly.  We met a young man who spoke English and we placed our first Book of Mormon.  It was so spectacular.  I felt a sliver of the love we read about.  It wasn't until our "accountability" that I felt it send shivers throughout my body.  The love is there. 

Two elders in our district shared an experience that changed my perspective on the work.  They met a man. His name was Rodolfo and they described him as "humbled to the dirt."  He was full of questions.  The previous week, he had accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and they had taught him for 45 min.  This last Saturday, they met him again.  He had read the entire book. He only had one question and that was how families could be together forever if he is divorced.  They taught him more.  He was hungry for their words.  They said the spirit led them.  That, as promised, as they opened their mouths, the words were there.  The spirit was truly their guide in so much that they challenged him to be baptized.  He agreed.  Rodolpho has 5 sons.  His baptism date is September 18th. 

When they said that, I felt an embrace. The embrace of invisible arms and I knew every one else felt the same.  My heart is full.  Through the elders in my district, I have felt a reaction of the love of the Lord.  It surrounds his children.  Reach out and he will meet you with it.  I am here to give that love to every person I see and I will.  Or I will come home having tried my best.  One other testament of my work is found in D&C 68:4-6.  Read it and act as his servant.  His love is there. 

Other news.... Argentina.  It's dirty in Buenos Aires.  Scary places, people and experiences.  Every friendly person we talk to warns us of guns, dogs, and thieves.  But we walk with the spirit so there is no room to fear. 

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