4 September 2010

Third Letter from the Argentina MTC

Hey everyone,

In D&C 64 is a scripture that says something about if we speak with the spirit our words will be scripture. It´s amazing and I would love that as my scripture...
Stories: I have a letter on the way that shares the greatest experience i've had thus far. They don't give us long to email so it's more effective for me to print off the emails and reply through letter but... our activities here are pretty simplistic anyway. We are just typically a bunch of 19 year old guys living under one roof with the expectation of keeping it clean/functional but it's amazing how the spirit changes the attitudes of a group of young men. 

Our only real time of "being boys" is during our physical activity time with our newly created sport "smashball." In Latin America, soccer is a little more prominent. Therefore, on our cement pad with basketball hoops they have put mini soccer goals for the Latinos. We "true men" have found the true reason they were placed directly under the hoops. WE play a regular game of basketball, but in order to count the points you have to "smash" the ball as it falls out of the basket net directly into the soccer net. It adds effect if you scream like a barbarian, you know? Other than that the days roll on. Spanish is coming along fine. I can read almost all pretty fluently as well as understand it. Speaking is a little sketchy but understanding a Latino speaking, is still nearly impossible. 

The guys in my district are absolutely amazing. We get along so well...

My time is up so I have to go but,

please send me Carl, Baxter, and Ray.....and Lindy's...and anyone else who may need a letter, send me their addresses. Probably Julie's. Thanks, love you.

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