7 October 2010

First Letter from Uruguay

I made  it to Uruguay! After what seemed like a ten minute flight from Argentina, I landed safely. We were taken straight to Temple Square/the mission home. It's beautiful. Just like the pictures. But we are going into Spring so it's blooming sweetly. I met my new/first companion thus far. His name is Steven Thorderson. He is from SLC and only has 3 months left. I can tell from the short trip to our area that he has a lot to show me (almost as much as I have to learn.) I'm seeing a lot of the other elders and the impact they have had in the country and...i have some very significant shoes to fill. He informed me that we actually have a family of 4 to baptize already, as well as a young lady by the name of Soledad. Amazing. He's going to help me grow. I know already. We are going to meet the family now so I don't have much time but...I'll send more next week. Promise. I hope the visit with Wes went well. Congratulations again, bro. Take it easy. Love you all. 
Elder Davies  

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