18 October 2010

Week 2 in Uruguay

2 weeks down...

At first I thought that time had decided to catch up with me as the first week crawled by. I guess being lost and not being able to understand anyone makes everything slow down. But this week flew. I feel like I just wrote to Wes. I'll forward you what I wrote him. It's got all my info in it. This week was pretty excellent. I was able to take part in my first baptism. A 16yr girl was baptized by her boyfriend. Unfortunately, I had med stuff today and it's complicated so I can't send pics until next week, but it is on the way. I didn't feel too attached to this one since she has been ready for a while now but...it was still a good experience. 

Another experience I had, my first accepted baptism. We met a man by the name of Raul, well, he found us on the street and asked us to come over. We visited him that night and he shared experiences he has had about a lot of things around the church. He has some family memebers that are members, but was so ready to hear more. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read it and he accepted to and also acepted our invitation to baptism. He will be baptized after this change is over but I hope I will be around. He mentioned to us during the lesson that he just enjoyed that we have a purpose and are living for something more...I appreciated that a lot. 

I've learned from watching most of my first two weeks. I don't have a lot of experience, obviously, but I've got eyes and ears and I want to help people in any way I can. I can't communicate all that well but I've figured out that what I have is the best thing in this world that there is to give to people and that thing is pure happiness. It is a purpose that so much of this world lacks. So many young people spend a lifetime searching for a place, a purpose, a future. I've realized that above converted, that isn't why I am here. I'm here to give people something that they can hold on to through everything else they will experience and suffer through. It's something that will never fail them. For my peers, my age, my generation...there is nothing we need more. Anyways, that was a bit of a tangent but I love you all. Miss every last one of you. And...thank you for everything; the guidance, the support, the memories. At the end of every stressful day I've got you all back home to look to for smiles. Thank you.

Elder Davies

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