16 January 2011


Abuelo's House: They are our dueños.
He loves his garden and we live in a beautiful essence 
as a result...yess. With grapes.  

Micaela y Romina: My greatest accomplishment thus far. 
I wanted their brother to do the honors of baptizing them, but he insisted. 
Micaela is now the sister I never had. 

Neighbor Ramon: He lives in this. Yeah. Uruguay. 

Our House: And our guard dog, Cona's, house.

Scenes from The Guay: I was bored and they have cool flowers here. Don't judge.

I didn't get a chance to read all of what you sent...who do you think I am? jk. I have a more strict companion now, so I really only get 30 minutes. It has been...a blessing. ;) I love you guys, Til next week.

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