17 January 2011


Weeks are flying by. I am having a hard time distinguishing between this week and the last so I don't know for sure what I have and have not told you about. Everything is getting along golden like. 

We had a pretty cool experience this last week. I can't remember exactly if I have told you about it but I guess I will share it again anyway.

I know our Father in Heaven loves us. We were knocking doors, same as every other day and found an older lady by the name of Edith. She invited us in and immediately started to share with us all her problems. This happens a lot here. I am afraid of growing accustomed to it and then returning to the US where everyone tries to suffer through them alone. Anyway, she relayed to us how she had studied with many other religions, ours being one she never has and she wanted to know out of the gate what we believed. We read with her the "Articles of Faith". Upon reading she would point out every belief she was not in accordance with. 

"I don't believe in the spirit..." "No, we don't receive revelation..." etc.

I began to look at her outer being. It is such a peace to me that God looks at the heart. As we continued to share with this lady our beliefs and testimonies, she softened. To this day, she remembers me saying something that I didn't know I even said. As I told her that at this very moment her savior was with her, arms outstretched to catch her in every difficult moment of her life and in that moment I could feel him there, she began to cry...and said she, herself, could feel him and she knew it was true. After all this she told us that right before we knocked on her door she was writing a prayer asking the Lord to help her find the truth...she showed me the prayer she was writing the moment we knocked on her door. It was a humble prayer, a prayer from a broken heart. A prayer of submission to her father...he had answered. I know that he hears us...and I know he will answer. It may not be with two strapping Mormon missionaries haha, but he will answer, because he loves us. 

Love you guys. 
Elder Davies

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