16 February 2011

Not a lot...


Alright, well I arrived in San Carlos this last week and it is pretty rad. We came in following the coastline the whole way...It's amazing out here. Not the same level as Hawaii just yet but they are trying haha. It is beautiful though. This little city I am in now is pretty nice. About 10 minutes from the beach so there are ranches all around but it is still in the civilization. My new comp. Elder Nuñez is also my district leader. He has been out around 9 months and is a machine. We have a baptism this week for 3. A guy by the name of Martín that has been taking the lessons for a pretty long time...years I think. A 13 year old girl named Victoria and a 10 year old kid named Washington. As of now I am going to baptize Washington but we'll see. I think he only chose me because he will be the first boy I baptize haha. I haven't had any exceptionally special experiences thus far. My ward is significantly less active and smaller, but they are really good people and my comp and I have plans to help them grow. 

Hmmm...It's all pretty new still. I'll have more to write later.

About you all, it makes this all that much easier to hear how well everyone is doing. Erik sounds like he has found a niche.  I am excited. Dad, I brag about all the time. I am so proud (in the most un-proud way) to call him my Dad. Mom, You may never know how much I appreciate everything you do.  

Not much else. 

Love you guys, 
Elder Davies

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