25 April 2011

Happy Easter!

What a week...haha. I wish I could say mine had been more eventful. I
love reading about everyone. Keeps me a little sane even though I
guess the worlds measure of sane doesn't necessarily match up with the
Lord's. I am getting lost in this lifestyle and I can't say I would
change it. I feel more alive. More excited and more motivated than
ever before. And none of it seems to be for my benefit...but it is
absolutely, without a doubt, completely for my benefit. I am growing,
but more importantly I am seeing others grow and change. I love this
work. I love this life. I love the blessings of the gospel especially
as a missionary. I love you guys. Stay strong. Keep living to your
greatest potential. Give your heart to your calling, mom. What would
Jesus do? ;)  I know it will all work out. Keep the hope and faith and it will all work out for the best.

Elder Davies

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