9 May 2011

This week has been a huge learning week. Just like the entire change. My comp, Elder Avalos from Chile, is a great missionary. When he came, he had baptized for 8 weeks straight without missing. We had planned to continue that when he showed up. We missed one week but followed up with 4 straight. Then we missed the last 2.

The potentials for those two days are so ready...one just felt pressured by a member. He had to quit smoking and he did it!! But this member was pretty forward and he opted out until he decided. This means it's probably a lack of something more. I know he is going to make it. He is 20 and after all he has been through it is the blessing that could make his life more of an opportunity than a suffering.

After him, we had a gentleman, hah, Ramon who is ready. He is 50-60 yrs old, I'm not sure, and has opened up in a way that I have never seen before. He loves us! He couldn't come to church the planned week of his baptism because there was basically a small tropical storm and he is super sick already so...we had to put it off but someday. Unfortunately, I won't get to see it because we got transfers today...

I'm going to a new area...TRAINING! That means we are white-washing an area. Two are leaving and two are replacing them...those two replacing them are me and my greenie. And...the area I am going to is one of the hardest. Nice. But, just as Carlos in these last few days, helping him see life as a blessing more than a trial, has helped me see trials as opportunities.

I'm praying for you, Mom and Dad. God won't give you anything you can't do.

Love you,
Elder Davies

Oh, my new area is Las Piedras, it's a little north of Montevideo. Basically connected.

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