14 April 2011

It is amazing to see the progress in peoples lives. Mateo is a super good kid. His mom is inactive and he is fulfilling his calling and more without her hah. I love him.

I can't wait to take part in these occurrences again (family reunion). It sounds like it was an experience that was very special for everyone. Make sure they know I love them.

I have been super blessed over here. I don't know who is praying over there, but it is making my life a lot easier over here. We are seeing miracles...even with the mass I am seeing in the lives in others, I am seeing more in my own life. The gospel is fascinating. The more I learn the more I grow and understand and the easier it is to see my purpose. Study it. Love it. Live it.

Thank you for the money...I will use it wisely. I think.

About the tie. Yeah, I got it. I love it. I wear it with my suit in all my interviews. The name on the package rang a bell but unfortunately in my excitement when I received the tie, I threw away the package and the address. If you could get that to me I would love to send them a letter or something. Who are they??

Gotta go...but I love you guys.

Elder Davies

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