5 April 2011

What a great week. Great notifications from the fam, great spirit in General Conference, and 2 baptisms planned every week of April. I am being blessed more than I can express. I don't want to admit that maybe I have worked with a little more zeal because I wanted to give myself a good birthday gift but...stuff happens. ;) I have come across some great people in the last few weeks who have blessed me in more ways that I can wish to have blessed them.

I was a little down during the conference, it was very family based. I'm not with mine, but as I thought back on you, I was more excited than ever with the thoughts of all the blessings and love in my own family. I have been extremely touched in the last few weeks about the importance of the family in the church. IT IS EVERYTHING. I know now, without any doubt that if everything is being done in the home that should be done to strengthen, guide, cultivate love and security in the family, life will be a complete blessing and the suffering will be but a blink in time.

I love the gospel. I love you all. I pray for you always and send my wishes and blessings.

Elder Davies.

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