13 June 2011

New news,

Tomorrow is change day, but with the new training program the President gave us, I already knew nothing would be changing. I'm going to be staying with E' Mirabal for another change. I'm excited. To end this change, we found and placed various baptismal dates with people whom I really see progressing. The ward loves us finally haha. I'm done sucking up. We have had a great time together and have finally found the way to focus at the same time and still enjoy every second. He is a great guy, just really hung up on his home. I know how he feels.

I know things are going to start getting so much better. It is interesting now in church...I feel like we are the nursery haha. The families all come into Sacrament Meeting and we usually search for less active members or investigators to sit by but seeing as we have gotten shafted the last few weeks by everyone who promised to come, we sit alone. But, not for long. Within the first 5 minutes our bench is filled with all the kids in the ward. It is nice. I enjoy every second of it. I don't have a lot to inform about the work since we haven't had an extreme amount for a while but in these next few weeks we'll all see a change. At least that is what we are praying for. We have reactivated a few families...the ward seems to have grown but I think it has a lot to do with a combined effort of everyone.

We had a conference with Elder Foster of the Seventy, this Friday. He helped me understand a lot. He didn't speak much spanish, and that is what he taught in, but somehow we always understand. He showed us some clips about how big everything is...the universe, galaxies and space and how in spite of all of it, our Heavenly Father knows every. single. one of us. By name.

That is my testimony today. He knows before we ask, what we need. He is just very patient. He is thoughtfully patient because he knows what will make us who he wants us to be. It is such a comfort to not only KNOW what he asks of us, but to be able to do it, every day and feel his presence. He loves us and if we can be satisfied with his trials in this life, he gives us exactly what is right and what we need. I know that. He has done it for me every day of the last 10 months. I have begged him to give me what I wanted, and he has always given what I needed. I love you, mom. dad. Keep smiling. I am 43% of the way done. ;) I didn't do the math. A guy who is going home soon did it for me haha.

Elder Davies

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