27 June 2011

Thanks Mom,

Let's see, this week has been pretty long. It is getting harder with Elder Mirabal. He is a great missionary, I just feel like I didn't try to push him as I maybe should have. I was more worried about him staying in the mission then helping him be the best he could be so, he lost a lot of the respect for the work. That sounds like we haven't done anything, we have. The ward loves us because we have helped them in many many ways...but, i don't feel exceptionally stellar about the work we are doing. I don't know, obviously there is something I need to learn. I'm still looking for it. It's all going great though. We still have baptisms planned and people progressing. I am starting to love this more and more. Uruguay, the people, and the miracles of the gospel. I have met a ton of people that have changed my life and I am sure that you and Dad are going to love. I just need to straighten myself out again.

Thanks. I'm looking and waiting for it all ;) Your letter should get there soon. Has it arrived?

Tell Lindy hi, and I'm not sure if she wrote me last or if I wrote her. I can't remember but I'll start another one just in case.

I don't know if you are there or if you have any questions...let me know.

Elder Davies

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