9 June 2011

Pretty slim week on the computer. I guess everyone took a break the same week haha. Mom, you have got to coordinate that a little better. I got one from Jeff. Tell him the made me pretty content to hear his experience. He has grown up. I didn't believe he typed half the things he said but...then I remembered that he is 14 now...I can't believe it, but I guess I have to. I miss everyone. I have thought about you all individually this week for some reason and where you must be at, what you must be doing, I am proud to be a Davies. A member of such a special family. I realized last night as I talked to the President over the phone how short a mission is. When he told me that with the time I had in the mission he expected more from me...I had a little reality check. I'm not being bad. I promise. I am being a good boy ;) I just was lacking a little bit in...obligating my comp to do his part. I guess it isn't so much an obligation, but what President said helped me understand. He said that my comp voluntarily came. He voluntarily filled out his papers and left his house and agreed to follow these rules. It isn't obligation to remind him haha. So, we are going to get better and enjoy the time...better. I have learned to enjoy it more when I am accomplishing something. 

I'm going to work on the video the rest of my time, I hope it gets through.

Mom, I hope you didn't send the last package yet...I need jelly belly jelly beans. the nasty flavors and the good ones. Also...it would be cool if you sent me like...20 dollar bills. that is 20 dollars in the form of 1 dollar bills. everyone asks me if I have gringo money. If you sent it...don't even worry about it. 

love you.

elder davies.  

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