31 May 2011

Memorial Weekend

Thank you for the update, mom. Sounds like everything is going great. Everything is...trying to workout ok here, here. We are working a lot in many ways that I have never had to do yet. We visit less actives, members, anything we can get our hands on with the hope that a baptism will come out of somewhere. It definitely isn't a neighborhood for the traditional missionary work. We have had to be creative, I don't want to use the word but maybe we come across as a little...desperate to the members. JK. It's not to that extreme but we are working hard in a different way. I am tired because I didn't fully appreciate the warnings from others as they told me that an oro doesn't do much...I appreciate it now. He is an excellent Elder. But it seems that I have forgotten how long it took me to develop the desire that I have now, and all the times I had to trip and get lifted up by someone else. I guess your whole life is kinda like that, huh...you learn something, and the things you passed to overcome it only stick so long, and then you see someone doing the same and you look down on them for how they handle it instead of lifting them up a little bit. Maybe that is just me. Maybe I'm just horrible haha. I love him though. He has grown on me. Here are a couple of pics. Love you guys.

Elder Davies

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