16 May 2011


This has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Me and my comp baptized a guy of about 30. My comp did the honor and he did it swimmingly. I've got a pic to send in a sec. Thank you, mom.  I don't know really what you can send me, they sell everything I need here. Thank you.

More than anything I just need to get gloves, some sweaters and other small stuff like a hat, new backpack, sunglasses, skater shoes, a motorcycle. you know?  hahaha

Just keep fighting on. We are. The house isn't the best influence but our district leader and I have become pretty good friends and he has taken a pretty good stand. We are gonna get a little better it is just that our comps are both Argentinos and...yeah. They are just a little distracted all the time. I got invited to the leadership conference again this Thursday so are comps are going to be working together all day...we'll see. I just hope they try to stay out of jail haha. jk. They are good guys.

I love you all. Stay safe. Keep working hard and give all you have to what you know is right and...that's all He asks.

Elder Davies

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