28 May 2011

Tell Erik Happy Birthday for me. And that I love him. I'm working on the letter. Yes, the little package you sent got here. Thank you. I'll be sending your letter in the box tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing great. The work here is pretty killer and even worse because my oro, greenie, whatever is testing all his limits and I don't know what to do because the other Argentino in the house has more time in the mish than I and is a really different example....I don't know how to say it nice...he's a distraction. It has gotten hard. We can't see the blessings without doing our part and at this point...we aren't doing it. I am trying...probably not as well as I should but I am trying. 

The conference with the leaders was outstanding. I am learning a lot about myself and more about the works of God in the earth. I get to see people receive obvious signs and elect to ignore them and it hurts. I fall in love with the people and when they fall it brings me down, but as the scriptures say if we aren't complying with God he can't bless us. I hope my comp learns. I hope I learn a little more. I always try to look inward to see what is wrong first and doing that makes it much easier to realize the trials from the lessons...every trial is a lesson. Life is short. Time doesn't really take a break for anyone. Enjoy every second you have but make sure the enjoyment is real. The time is flying for me. It isn't really fair for all those I hear from that have passed through and say it seems like forever because it feels like yesterday for me. I love you guys and I am working my hardest to become the best I can for you all. I promise I'll come home the same...only better ;) I love you all.

Elder Davies

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