16 January 2012

Everything is TOP NOTCH. We are working hard. Elder Paredes is a

humble, plump, baby faced kid from Ecuador. A picture says a thousand
words but...I don't have a camera and I can't draw very well. We are
working hard. He begs me to give him breaks everyday. I am pretty
soft, but I think he understands that we are expected to do all we can
every minute of the day and that we will only be relieved from the
difficulties if we give every. last. ounce of strength we have. We are
learning together. I will get you some pics this coming week. He is at
the doctor doing his entrance into Guay checkup so I am with another
trainer in the bus terminal and I have no way to send you one or I
would. I wanted you all to know that I love you. Keep working hard and
living worthy. CHAUUUUSKEEEEZ!!!

Elder Davies

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