9 January 2012

It has been such a ride the last few weeks. I don't know where to start. We are going on our 8th week straight with a baptismal service. I put a New Years Resolution to not let another week pass slip by without using every possible mean to help someone make that sacred covenant with God. It really is the purpose we are here. Wes was right. Without it done correctly, we can't be saved. It's simple. God will judge each of us based on the desires of the heart of each individual, but if we or you or I have the chance to make one step more to bring ourselves closer to him and we deny him, there isn't much he can do. I want EVERYONE to have the chance at the blessings and love I have seen in my life, and you all can have it. just come down to 'Guay for a couple of years and invite everyone you see to be baptized. It's fantastic. 

The big news...I will be training. AGAIN!!! I feel so blessed for the opportunity, but a little stressed. I hope to do a little better the second time around haha. I only have control of myself, but he will have a hard time breaking any rule with this guy as his papa. I am going to work his little turkey butt off. Just like my daddy taught me. 

I also wanted to let you know that miracles happen. This last sunday, I found myself 1 peso short of what I was hoping to pay in my fast offerings. I was distraught. I searched everywhere for one...little....peso and did not find anything. I assure you that I put in my greatest effort. I knew it, and I knew that God knew it, and I could not deny it. I prayed in my heart, aware of the childishness of my worry. Knowing that God would accept whatever amount I gave him...but I wanted to reach that certain amount. I was a little down so I prayed. We hadn't planned our day quite yet, so my comp called me out of my depression to kneel and pray for our planning session. I kid you not and I will defend it to the end that i had checked every pocket and crevice of my clothing for that peso, regardless, as I knelt to pray, I almost cried for joy as I felt the peso in my pocket. HAHA I know how ridiculous that might sound. I know how miniscule that miracle might have been. And, yes, I know how silly it must appear to all of you back home reading this. But, I also know that our Heavenly Father HEARS US. He loves us. He worries about us. AND, he wants to see us smile. I promise you all those things. And, I love you all beyond measure. I understand that that peso could very easily be the result of a careless search or a casual missed touch to realize it's placement in my pocket, but the joy and fulness I felt when I found it is undeniable. I know it was a little reminder from God that he has me in mind. I know each of you are the same for him. I know you are the same for me. Stay classy. 

Elder Davies

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